COevolution Assessment by a Likelihood-free Approach

Despite an increasingly vaster literature on cophylogenetic reconstructions for studying host-parasite associations, understanding the common evolutionary history of such systems remains a problem that is far from being solved. Many of the most used algorithms do the host-parasite reconciliation analysis using an event-based model, where the events include in general (a subset of) cospeciation, duplication, loss, and host-switch. All known event-based methods then assign a cost to each type of event in order to find a reconstruction of minimum cost. The main problem with this approach is that the cost of the events strongly influence the reconciliation obtained.

To deal with this problem, we developed an algorithm, called Coala, for estimating the frequency of the events based on an approximate Bayesian computation approach.

For more details about our methodology, please refer to our paper:

What's new: we extended Coala to create a new model, that we called AmoCoala, to address the problem of multiple associations

  • L. Urbini, B. Sinaimeri, C. Matias,and M.-F. Sagot. (2017). AmoCOALA a More Realistic Cophylogeny Model.(submitted to a journal)